One Beverly Hills | Answers to Your Questions
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Answers to Your Questions

1. Where is One Beverly Hills?

One Beverly Hills is located at the western gateway to Beverly Hills between Wilshire Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard. The almost 8-acre site was formerly the Robinsons-May Department store at 9900 Wilshire Boulevard. One Beverly Hills is located to the west of the Beverly Hilton, on the opposite side of Merv Griffin Way.

2. What is currently approved for the One Beverly Hills property?

The City of Beverly Hills granted the entitlements for the development of a mixed-use residential and retail project designed by the award-winning architectural firm, Richard Meier & Partners Architects. These entitlements included the following:

  • 235 luxury condominiums in two thin buildings along the western edge of the property
  • 4,200 sq. ft. of restaurant space along Santa Monica Boulevard
  • 11,656 sq. ft. of retail space along Santa Monica Boulevard
  • Public gardens on Wilshire Boulevard and perimeter gardens along Merv Griffin Way totaling more than three-quarters of an acre
  • 876 parking spaces in an underground garage
3. How does One Beverly Hills differ from the previous plan?

One Beverly Hills, under the leadership of The Wanda Group’s Chairman Wang Jianlin and their local development partner, The Athens Group, will create a more balanced blend of residential and commercial uses. These improvements will generate important new revenues for the City and Beverly Hills’ schools without changing the height, massing, or density. The project has been improved to:

  • Eliminate the retail component;
  • Reduce the planned residences by almost 20% (a reduction of 42 residences);
  • Incorporate a luxury boutique 134-room hotel into the residential space on five floors in the project’s South Building adjacent to Santa Monica Boulevard;
  • Increase community use and enjoyment of the property through the addition of the rooftop restaurant and bar, the rooftop spa, and the indoor-outdoor lobby lounge in the hotel gardens
  • Increase revenues to the City of Beverly Hills by $6.0 million a year at hotel stabilization;
  • Provide 2 hours of free valet parking for 20 visitors at a time using the public gardens;
  • Increase the number of underground parking spaces to 1,140.
4. What are the new hotel features?

The One Beverly Hills 134-room luxury boutique hotel will be located in the South Building adjacent to Santa Monica Boulevard and will include the following features:

  • LEED Silver Certification or higher;
  • A greywater recycling system for environmental sustainability;
  • A publicly accessible restaurant and bar area on the roof-top pool level in the South Building with panoramic views;
  • A publicly accessible indoor-outdoor lounge in the hotel’s gardens
  • A publicly accessible spa;
  • A main meeting space designed to accommodate no more than 285 seated guests; and
  • Three small meeting rooms
5. Who owns One Beverly Hills?

The One Beverly Hills property has changed hands several times in the last decade. In the summer of 2014, it was acquired by Wanda Beverly Hills Properties, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Wanda Group.

6. Who is The Wanda Group?

The Wanda Group was founded in 1988 by Chairman Wang Jianlin and operates in the following major areas: commercial property (including luxury hotels),  entertainment and tourism,  e-commerce and finance. In 2015, the company’s assets totaled $97.6 billion and annual income reached $44.67 billion. Wanda Hotels and Resorts Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of The Wanda Group, has opened 84 luxury hotels through January 2016. The Wanda Group is currently expanding its global development activities by undertaking high profile projects in some of the world’s most desirable locations, including London, Chicago and Sydney. Each of these developments will feature a Wanda luxury hotel at its core.
For more information about The Wanda Group, please visit

7. What is a Wanda Luxury Hotel?

Wanda luxury hotels are known for their meticulous approach to luxury and comfort. Every Wanda luxury hotel is designed to ensure that their guests have an experience that exceeds their expectations. The hotel’s intimate, boutique style will express its Asian roots in a contemporary, custom design that indulges its guests.

8. Who is the developer of One Beverly Hills?

The Wanda Group has been expanding its international development activities in recent years. The Wanda Group will bring its extensive development experience to the Beverly Hills market where, together with its local development partner, The Athens Group, they will transform this fabled property into an iconic architectural landmark for the community to enjoy. Led by Jay Newman, The Athens Group is working closely with the City to ensure that One Beverly Hills is the best possible project. Previously, Jay and The Athens Group developed the successful Montage Beverly Hills, the Beverly-Cañon Gardens and the Gardens Building. The Beverly-Cañon Gardens and Gardens Building have become some of the most successful public spaces in the City, active throughout the day and evening. The Athens Group is acknowledged as one of the country’s premier developers of luxury hotels and residences, with award winning properties including the Montage Laguna Beach, the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay and the Four Seasons Hualalai in Kona, Hawaii.

9. Where will the luxury boutique hotel be located?

The hotel will be located in the South Building on the Santa Monica Boulevard side of the property. Forty-two of the currently entitled residences are being eliminated in five floors of this building and the remaining ninety residences will be reconfigured to accommodate the hotel in the South Building. The North Building will remain the same as entitled with 103 residences.

10. How will the residents and their guests access the residences?

One Beverly Hills’ residents and their guests will access the property in the same manner as previously entitled. They will enter and leave the property via the private road on the western edge of the property that runs between Wilshire Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard, adjacent to the Los Angeles Country Club’s south golf course.

11. How will guests access the hotel?

The project will include an expansive motor court entry that will provide direct access to the hotel from Santa Monica Boulevard. All guests driving to the hotel will be required to valet park their cars in the motor court with the valet attendants. Community members who would like to visit the public gardens can use the project’s 2 hour free valet parking at the hotel’s motor court.

12. Will One Beverly Hills have public gardens and open space?

One Beverly Hills will feature public gardens, open space and green space designed by the world-renowned OLIN landscape architecture firm. There will be approximately three-quarters of an acre of public gardens accessible from Wilshire Boulevard and extending along the length of Merv Griffin Way to Santa Monica Boulevard. One Beverly Hills’ gardens are designed to complement and connect with the newly restored Beverly Gardens Park, which begins at Whittier Drive, creating a beautiful green gateway into the City.

13. Will One Beverly Hills be the same size as the previously-approved project?

Yes. There will be no increase in the square footage of the project. The density, massing and height will remain as currently entitled by the City Council. There will be no increase in the height of either the North Building or the South Building. The footprints of both buildings will also remain the same. The hotel rooms, food and beverage facilities, meeting space, spa and fitness facilities and all of the other hotel spaces will be created using existing retail and residential space on five floors of the South Building.

14. What is the height of One Beverly Hills?

There will be no change in height from the City Council’s entitlement approvals. There will be two thin buildings on the western edge of the property. The North Building that is perpendicular to Wilshire Boulevard, will be 13 stories in height, as approved by the City. The South Building that is perpendicular to Santa Monica Boulevard, will be 15 stories in height, as approved by the City. The site actually slopes downward approximately 20 feet (two stories) from Wilshire Boulevard to Santa Monica Boulevard. As a result, the two buildings appear to be the same height. The unique Richard Meier & Partners Architects design minimizes the buildings’ footprints and maximizes open space and public green space.

15. How will these improvements benefit the City?

One Beverly Hills is committed to an environmentally responsible design that also maximizes revenue to the City and, in doing so, will provide Beverly Hills with significant financial and lifestyle benefits. CBRE Hotels (formerly PKF Consulting), a well-respected hospitality consulting company, has projected that One Beverly Hills will produce more than $8.7 million a year in new direct revenues to the City at stabilization of the hotel. This is a projected increase of more than $6 million per year of direct revenues from the previously approved project. In addition, the community will have a much greater ability to use and enjoy the property including the rooftop restaurant and bar, the rooftop spa, and the indoor-outdoor lobby lounge in the hotel gardens.

16. Why are you removing the retail component, some residences and including a boutique luxury hotel?

The balance of commercial and residential uses on the property will be significantly improved by eliminating the previously approved project’s retail, reducing the number of residences from the approved 235 residences to 193 residences and including a luxury boutique hotel that will provide highly desirable amenities for the residents and the community. The remaining residences will be much more attractive to Beverly Hills’ residents and future empty nesters who have expressed a strong desire to remain in Beverly Hills and to enjoy the 24/7 services of a luxury hotel. In addition, Beverly Hills has a shortage of luxury hotel rooms, as evidenced by the City’s unprecedented hotel occupancy rates. And, by returning a portion of the site to a low-impact but revenue-intensive use, the City will receive millions of new dollars in transient occupancy taxes and increased property taxes.
The inclusion of a luxury boutique hotel with restaurants and a small amount of meeting space will allow many more members of the community to enjoy the property than would have been possible if the property had remained primarily residential.  The addition of a rooftop restaurant in the South Building will allow the public to enjoy the panoramic views of Beverly Hills, the Pacific Ocean and the LA Basin.

17. Will these improvements affect traffic?

When we modified the project to include the hotel component, we focused on designing a project that would not create any new traffic impacts for Beverly Hills’ residents from the already-approved project.

Therefore, we were pleased that according to the City’s independent environmental consultant (Rincon Consulting) and independent traffic engineer (Fehr and Peers), it was determined that One Beverly Hills will not create any new significant traffic impacts. Their findings are reported in the draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report that the City prepared and has circulated for the public to review and comment on.

18. How will the motor court work?

All guests and visitors will access the hotel through its motor court on Santa Monica Boulevard that will be located to the west of Merv Griffin Way. The City is currently analyzing a number of motor court designs and access options, from which they will determine the best access design option.

19. Will One Beverly Hills have enough parking?

Yes, One Beverly Hills will conform of the Beverly Hills parking code and will provide 1,140 parking spaces (including the 20 two-hour free valet spaces for visitors to the public gardens).

20. Will the hotel have big events?

No. This is a true boutique hotel with just 134 rooms. The main event room will only accommodate approximately 285 seated guests without any stage or dance floor. All of the hotel’s meeting spaces are designed for small groups and private meetings, not large banquets or events.

21. Will One Beverly Hills be environmentally sustainable?

Yes. One Beverly Hills is designed to be LEED Silver or better, as is currently entitled. The gardens’ sustainable, native plantings and state-of-the-art greywater irrigation systems will ensure that all landscaping elements are environmentally efficient. Site-specific architectural features will harness controlled daylight and prevailing westerly breezes to create naturally illuminated and ventilated interiors. Further, advanced technologies and building systems, including passive heating and cooling systems and high-efficiency/low-energy LED light fixtures, will reduce overall electricity consumption.

22. Will One Beverly Hills affect residential neighbors?

No. One Beverly Hills is designed to be compatible with its neighbors. It does not adjoin any residential properties or intrude on any of its neighbors’ privacy. One Beverly Hills will feature beautiful street level public gardens at the Wilshire Boulevard gateway to the City that will wrap around the property along Merv Griffin Way to Santa Monica Boulevard. This new open space will be a stunning gateway into Beverly Hills and will provide new open space and gardens for our neighbors. In addition, One Beverly Hills will be a superior project that is projected to generate millions of dollars in new general fund revenue per year in Transient Occupancy Taxes (TOT) and millions of dollars in property taxes to benefit the City including its schools.

23. Is Merv Griffin Way going to be affected?

Merv Griffin Way will be improved through a widening at Wilshire Boulevard that is designed to align this private street with Whittier Drive and to include a dedicated northbound left-turn lane onto west bound Wilshire Boulevard to improve traffic flow and safety. This widening will be accomplished by utilizing a small portion of the property adjacent to Merv Griffin Way at Wilshire Boulevard. Merv Griffin Way will remain open and will be significantly improved through the addition of a beautiful landscaped perimeter including sidewalks for the first time. There will also be a mandated traffic signal installed at Merv Griffin Way and Santa Monica Boulevard.

24. Will the new luxury boutique hotel hurt existing Beverly Hills hotels?

No. In fact the opposite will occur, as demonstrated by the Montage Beverly Hills. Since its opening in 2008, Beverly Hills’ hotels have experienced their highest rates and occupancy. A recent study prepared by CBRE Hotels (formerly PKF Consulting), one of the most widely-respected and recognized hotel consultants, determined that the One Beverly Hills hotel will not create any negative impacts to the Beverly Hills luxury hotel market.

25. Is One Beverly Hills a good project to put across the street from El Rodeo School on Wilshire Boulevard?

Yes. One Beverly Hills is a great project to be built across from El Rodeo School. The approved North Building across from the school on Wilshire Boulevard will only have private residences and will have no impact on the school. And the hotel, which is a low-impact commercial use, is located away from the school in the South Building on Santa Monica Boulevard. The public gardens on Wilshire Boulevard across from El Rodeo School will be for everyone’s use and enjoyment. The hotel entrance and exit are on Santa Monica Boulevard. One Beverly Hills has also been designed to avoid casting any shadows on the school.

26. How long will construction take?

Construction is estimated to take approximately 36 months plus 6 months of utility relocation work. Construction staging is planned to be completely on-site. Prior to the commencement of construction, a construction management plan will be developed for approval by the City that will dictate the construction process including all construction related traffic and work hours.

27. Will One Beverly Hills provide parking for use of the public gardens?

Yes, One Beverly Hills will provide 2 hours of free valet parking for 20 visitors at a time to enjoy the public gardens.

28. Will One Beverly Hills follow the City’s approval process?

Yes, One Beverly Hills will follow all City processes, including environmental review, staff review and analysis  and review by the Beverly Hills Planning Commission and the Beverly Hills City Council whose approval is required for the project to proceed.

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